Saturday, December 24, 2011

Healing for Damaged Emotions Part 1 Introduction

Each of us can benefit from more healing in our emotions.  We have all experienced circumstances that have wounded us emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Consequentially, we may be stuck on a merry-go-round of woundedness.  Healing for Damaged Emotions will help stop the merry-go-round, although it is not a quick fix.  Healing comes in stages and in layers.  Each time we go through the program we get healing on a deeper level. The original program was called Restoring the Foundations and was originated by Chester and Betsy Kilstra. The Healing for Damaged Emotions program contained in this blog has been adapted for our unique community’s needs.

This program was created to be administered one on one or in a team or group setting.  It is REQUIRED that when you get to the end of the program and are ready for the deliverance exercises, that you work with another person. DO NOT DO THE DELIVERANCE EXERCISES BY YOURSELF!  Get someone who is saved, filled with the Spirit, and full of faith to assist you. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.  Also, if your church or fellowship would be interested in having a Healing for Damaged Emotions Workshop just get in touch with me.  Be free, be healed!  Blessings, Brenda Johnson

Ever since God threw the devil and his cohorts out of heaven because of their rebellion against Jesus, (Isa. 14:12-15) there has been a great controversy over the eternal destination of the human soul.  Fortunately for Believers, Jesus has purchased the redemption of our souls by His death and resurrection (Eph. 1:7, I Pet. 1:3), and He has sealed us with the Holy Spirit for safe keeping until He returns to take us to heaven (Eph. 1:13).  That takes care of later. What about now?
Jesus has given us His Word, His authority, and His power to help us overcome the lies and deception of the devil.  We have the power and authority to shut, lock, and board up permanently any door that may have been knowingly or unknowingly opened to the devil’s oppression.  The key is finding out what those doors are and how to close them.

Healing for Damaged Emotions is based on the premise that the authority given to us through belief in the finished work of the Cross, when used appropriately, is more than enough to cancel any oppression the devil can throw our way. We can and WILL be set free (II Cor. 10:4, Eph. 6:12-18).
Just going through the exercises and speaking the words is not enough if you are not saved and Spirit-filled.  Even the devil knows if you are just going through the motions.

In order for the exercises in the Healing for Damaged Emotions program to work there are a couple of prerequisites that must be met.

1.      Any participant MUST have received Jesus as Savior and Lord.

2.      Any participant MUST have received the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

3.      Forgiveness (Matt. 6:14, 15)

Forgiveness is a decision to release the offending person or situation from the responsibility of restitution.  When we forgive we choose to set them free. We don’t hold the resentment, we don’t hold the bitterness, we let go of our plans for retaliation. We let go of the feeling that they owe us something. Forgiveness is only the first step toward healing. It is a process and it is not determined by our emotions. Forgiveness does not mean that we excuse the wrong that was done.  Forgiveness is letting go of the need for restitution. Forgiveness puts the consequences into God’s hands and out of ours.  The longer we hold on to the need for retaliation or restitution, the longer we will hold on to the emotional damage.
The next blog post will address the four main areas that can cause emotional pain.

Healing For Damaged Emotions Part 2 Contributing Areas of Emotional Pain

Four Contributing areas of emotional pain – these can overlap and are interrelated.

Generational/ancestral sins and resulting curses
Ungodly beliefs
Soul/Spirit hurts
Demonic oppression

1. Generational/Ancestral sins and resulting curses represents the accumulation of all sins committed by our ancestors. It is the heart tendency (iniquity) that we inherit from our ancestors to rebel (be disobedient) against God’s ways. It is the propensity to sin, particularly in ways that represent perversion and twisted character. The accumulation continues until God’s conditions for repentance are met (Ex. 20:1-17).

Curses are words spoken with some form of spiritual authority (either good or evil) that sets in motion something that will go on generation after generation. The spiritual authority represented is either God or Satan. You can even curse yourself. (Jam. 3:8-10)

2. Ungodly beliefs are all beliefs, decisions, attitudes, agreements, judgments, expectations, vows, or oaths that DO NOT agree with God, God’s word, or God’s nature or character. You need to know what God’s Word says about who you are in Christ to be able to recognize an ungodly belief.

3. Soul/Spirit hurts are hurts on the “inside” of a person. They are wounds to the inner core of who a person is. The presence of this type of hurt can be revealed by unhealed emotions, behaviors and thoughts. Hurts can affect the entire person – spirit, soul, mind, body, thoughts, attitudes, behaviors, etc.

4. Demonic oppression is the term used to represent “pressure” exerted by demons to get us to sin, or to keep us bound in limitations. Usually they have an open doorway to gain access to us. Open doorways come from ancestral sins/generational curses, ungodly beliefs, soul/spirit hurts, our own sin, as well as from witchcraft directed toward us. Demonic oppression can result when any one of the main areas are left unresolved.

The next blog post on Healing for Damaged Emotions will go into more detail of the characteristics of each of the four areas of emotional pain. This is done in the form of a checklist which can be very revealing.

Healing For Damaged Emotions Part 3 Generational/Ancestral Sins and Resulting Curses

Generational/ancestral sins and resulting curses

Frequently occurring Generational/Ancestral sins
Abandonment, neglect
Abuse – all kinds
Addictions – all kinds
Anger, rage, violence
Control, possessiveness, manipulation
Emotional dependency
Fears – all kinds
Low self-esteem, inferiority, unworthiness
Money Extremes – greed or lack
Occult practices
Parental inversion
Physical infirmities
Pride, rebellion
Rejection, insecurity
Toxic religion
Unbelief, negativity

Family Patterns - Please check if common to your immediate or extended family.
____Lack of communication between spouses or parents and children
____Lack of intimacy in marriage, other
____Broken marriages, divorce
____Children favored or idolized, favoritism
____Children not valued or neglected
____Children taking care of parents (parental inversion)
____Sibling rivalry, fights and feuds
____Success/failure cycles
____Family secrets
____Broken promises
____Unfulfilled lives and destinies

Soul/Spirit Hurts
Situations that can cause hurt
Abuse – all kinds
Chronic illness
Loss of a loved one
Loss of a job
Loss of a home

Some consequences of hurts
Hurting others
Ungodly beliefs
Defense mechanisms
Wearing masks, hiding
Restricted growth
Anger and disappointment toward God
Blocked emotions
Ongoing vulnerability and hopelessness
Possible demonic oppression

Ungodly Beliefs
Ungodly beliefs about ourselves – check all that apply
Rejection, not belonging
____I don’t belong. I will always be left out; on the outside.
____No one cares about my feelings. My feelings don’t count.
____No one will ever really love me just for myself.
____There will never be a special person for me. I will always be lonely.
____The best way to avoid more hurt and rejection is to isolate myself.
Unworthiness, guilt and shame
____I’m not worthy to receive anything from God.
____I’m the problem. When something is wrong it’s always my fault.
____I’m a bad person. If you really knew me you would reject me.
____I have messed up so badly that I have missed God’s best for me.
Doing to achieve self-worth, value, and recognition
____I will never get credit for what I do.
____My value is in what I do. I’m valuable because I do good for others.
____Even when I do or give my best it’s not good enough.
____I can avoid conflict by being passive and doing nothing.
____God doesn’t care if I have a “secret life” as long as I appear good.
Control (to avoid being hurt)
____I have to plan every day of my life. I can’t relax.
____The perfect life is one in which no conflict is allowed, so there is peace.
 ____I am unattractive. God short-changed me.
____I am doomed to have certain physical disabilities. It’s just my lot.
____It’s impossible to lose weight or gain weight. I’m just stuck.
____I’ll never be attractive enough.
Personality traits
____I will always be __________ (angry, shy, jealous, insecure, fearful, etc.).
____If I had been a boy/girl, then I would have been loved and valued more.
____I will never be known and appreciated for my real self.
____I will never be what God wants me to be.
Ungodly beliefs about others – check all that apply
____I must guard what I say, since anything I say may be used against me.
____I have to guard and hide my emotions and feelings so no one has the satisfaction of knowing they hurt me.
____The best way to respond if someone offends me is to punish them by withdrawing and/or cutting them off.
____I’ll make sure that ______ hurts as much as I do!
____Authority figures will humiliate me and violate me.
____People just use me and abuse me.
____My value is based on what people think of me.
____I have no will or choice of my own.
____I’m out there all alone. If I’m in trouble or need help, no one will rescue me.
Defective in Relationships
____I will never be able to fully give or receive love. I don’t know what love is.
____If I let anyone get close to me again I may get my heart broken, and I just can’t risk that.
____I must strive hard to please you because if I don’t you won’t accept me.
____God loves others more than me.
____God only values me for what I do.
____No matter how hard I try it’s never good enough to please God.
____I have to stay busy about God’s work or He will not be pleased with me.
____God has let me down before and will do it again. I can’t trust God.
____God helps others, but doesn’t help me.

Demonic Oppression
Behavioral indicators of demonic oppression
Incapacity for normal living
Extreme bondage to sin
Deception about normal personality
Abnormal emotions
Breakdown of relationships
Tragic events and accident proneness
Financial insufficiency
Inner anguish
Personality changes
Self-inflicted injuries
Sexual extremes

The next 5 blog posts are check lists of possible open doors through which the devil may have gained access into our lives to cause pain and confusion. Please check all that apply. There will be instructions at the end of the Open

Healing For Damaged Emotions Part 4 Open Doors


Please check if common to you or your family whether past or present.
Abandonment            Performance             Finances                          Deception
__Abdication              __Competition            __Bankruptcy                   __Cheating
__Blocked intimacy    __Envy                       __Cheating                       __Stealing
__Desertion                __Jealousy                 __Covetousness                __Confusion
__Divorce                   __People pleasing       __Debt                             __Denial
__Isolation                  __Perfectionism          __Deception                      __Fraudulence
__Loneliness               __Possessiveness     __Delinquency                  __Infidelity
__Neglect                   __Rivalry                    __Dishonesty                     __Lying
__Rejection                __Striving                    __Failure                           __Secretiveness
__Separation              __Workaholism           __Greed                           __Self-deception
__Self-pity                    Religion                   __Idolatry of possessions  __Treachery
__Victimization           __Anti-christ                __Irresponsible spending   __Treason
   Rejection               __Betrayal                   __Job failures                    __Trickery
__Expected rejection __Denominationalism __Job losses                 __Untrustworthiness
__Perceived rejection  __Division                   __Lack                           Mental
__Self rejection           __Hypocrisy                __Neglect                      __Craziness
   Anxiety                   __Injustice                   __Poverty                      __Compulsion
__Burden                    __Legalism                  __Robbery                     __Confusion
__False Responsibiliy  __New Age practices  __Not tithing                  __Distraction
__Fatigue                    __Religiosity                __Stealing                      __Hallucinations
__Heaviness                __Excessive rules      __Stinginess                  __Hysteria
__Nervousness            __Spiritual pride                                               __Insanity
__Restlessness          __Traditionalism                                                __Paranoia
__Weariness                __Unforgiveness                                               __Schizophrenia

Healing For Damaged Emotions Part 5 Open Doors cont.


Please check any that apply to you or anyone in your family whether past or present.

      Unbelief                      Addictions                 Escape                 Rebellion
__Apprehension             __Cocaine                  __Daydreaming    __Contempt
__Double mind              __Downers/uppers     __Fantasy             __Deception
__Doubt                         __Marijuana               __Forgetfulness     __Defiance
__Fear of being wrong   __OTC drugs            __Hopelessness    __Disobedience
__Mistrust                      __Prescription drugs  __Isolation            __Independence
__Rationalism                __Street drugs           __Laziness           __Insubordination
__Skepticism                 __Alcohol                   __Passivity            __Resistance
__Suspicion                  __Caffeine                  __Procrastination  __Self-will
__Uncertainty               __Cigarettes               __Over sleeping    __Self-sufficiency
   Mocking                  __Computers              __Trance               __Stubbornness
__Blaspheming             __Food                      __Withdrawal         __Undermining
__Cursing                    Gambling                      Pride                       Bitterness
__Laughing                 __Internet                   __Arrogance            __Accusation
__Profanity                 __Pornography           __Conceit                __Blaming
__Ridicule                  __Overspending         __Controlling            __Complaining
__Sarcasm                 __Sex                        __Egotistical             __Condemnatino
__Scorn                      __Sports                    __Haughtiness         __Criticalness
Unmotivated              __Television              __Prejudice              __Gossip
__Irresponsibility         __Video Games         __Self-centeredness __Judging
__Laziness                                                    __Self-importance    __Murmuring
__Procrastination                                          __Vanity                    __Ridicule
__Undisciplined                                                                              __Slander

Healing For Damaged Emotions Part 6 Open Doors cont.


Please check if common to you or your family whether past or present.

     Anger                        Violence                    Depression                 Grief
__ Abandonment         __Abuse                       __Dejection            __Anguish
__Feuding                   __Arguing                     __Discouragment    __Despair
__Frustration               __Bickering                  __Despair               __Heartbreak
__Hatred                     __Cruelty                     __Despondency      __Loss
__Hostility                   __Cursing                     __Gloominess         __Sorrow
__Murder                     __Death                        __Hopelessness     __Weeping
__Punishment              __Destrction                 __Insomnia                 Shame
__Rage                        __Feuding                     __Misery                __Abandonment
__Resentment             __Hate                          __Oversleeping      __Anger
__Retaliation                __Mocking                   __Sadness              __Bad boy/girl
__Revenge                   __Murder                     __Self-pity               __Condemnation
__Spoiled                     __Retaliation                 __Suicide attempt    __Defilement
__Temper tantrums     __Strife                         __Suicide fantasies  __Different
__Violence                   __Torture                      __Withdrawal          __Disgrace
Unworthiness                 Failure                         Trauma              __Embarrassment
__Inadequacy              __Boom/Bust Cycle       __Abuse - any kind __Guilt
__Inferiority                  __Defeat                        __Accident              __Hatred
__Insecurity                 __Loss                           __Loss                   __Inferiority
__Self-accusation        __Performance              __Imprisoned          __Self-accusation
__Self-condemnation   __Pressure to succeed  __Rape                  __Self-hate
__Self-hate                  __Striving                       __Torture               __Self-pity
__Self-punishment                                             __Violence

Healing For Damaged Emotions Part 7 Open Doors cont.


Please check if common to you or anyone in your family whether past or present.

Infirmities/Disease          Control                        Fears                    Sexual Sin
__Accidents                  __Appeasement            __Anxiety              __Adultery
__Anorexia/Bulimia       __Denial                       __Bewilderment     __Beastiality
__Arthritis                     __Domineering             __Burden               __Defilement
__Asthma                     __Enabling                    __Drread               __Exposure
__Bone/joint problems  __False Responsibility  __Harrassment      __Fantasy Lust
__Cancer                      __Jealousy                   __Heaviness           __Fornication
__Diabetes                    __Manipulation             __Intimidation          __Incest
__Fatigue                      __Passive Aggression  __Mental torment   __Pornography
__Female problems       __Passivity                   __Oversensitivity    __Prostitution
__Heart problems          __Possessiveness       __Paranoia             __Rape
__Lung problems           __Pride                         __Phobia                __Seduction
__Mental illness             __Witchcraft                __Superstition         __Sexual abuse
__MS                                                                  __Worry
__Migraines                                                        __Fears - any kind
__Physical abnormalcy
__Premature death
__Upper respiratory problems